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Famed singer injured in Pennsylvania car collision

Even the seemingly smallest of incidents can have major consequences for Pottsville residents. This is often the case on the road, where a simple mistake by careless drivers can lead to serious ramifications for other individuals.

For instance, famed singer Diana Ross was recently injured in a Pennsylvania car collision. Ross’s limo was struck by a woman who ran a stop sign.

Following the incident, Ross complained of head and neck pain. While she was treated at the scene, she declined immediate hospitalization for the incident, and ultimately performed later than night as scheduled. However, she indicated she would seek further treatment on her own.

While it is unclear how serious of injury Ross suffered in the accident, the case is an important reminder of how a person’s carelessness has the potential to cause dramatic consequences. A driver’s failure to abide by the rules of the road, for instance, can cause serious physical and mental injury to others. It can also result in missed work time, corresponding lost wages and potentially life-altering ramifications.

Fortunately, the law allows a person to recover damages for the harm caused by careless drivers. There are multiple kinds of damages that may be recoverable in a given case, including medical expenses, lost wages and other kinds of economic damages. Non-economic damages may also be available to compensate a person for pain and suffering and other injuries.

In short, while the consequences of careless driving can be severe, so too can the damages awarded in a personal injury action. Injured persons should understand their right to recover all of these damages that may be available.

Source: CBS News, “Diana Ross injured in Pennsylvania car accident before show but still makes it to the stage,” April 14, 2016