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Dealing with an insurance company following a car accident

Car accidents can be extremely expensive in Pennsylvania. Even small accidents can result in thousands of dollars in property damage or medical expenses from the accident. In many cases, people need help paying for these expenses following the crash. Often, this is where car insurance comes into play.

Individuals with a car insurance policy can seek compensation from their insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company following an accident. This compensation can help individuals move forward from the accident and pay for expenses related to the collision.

However, in order to protect a person’s right to car insurance proceeds individuals should know how to respond to a car insurance company following an accident. People should make sure to call their car insurance company as soon as possible following an accident. They should also review their coverage to determine what they may qualify for and what the policy limits are.

Individuals need to be proactive about collecting evidence from the car accident from the beginning. This can include taking notes about conversations with the insurance company and taking photographs of the accident scene.

There are also certain behaviors that individuals need to avoid following a car accident. This includes taking recorded statements with the insurance company before the person is ready. It also includes avoiding taking any final payments or estimates by an insurance company before fully understanding the costs of the accident. Also, people should avoid signing waivers or releases of their rights to compensation by their insurance company before fully understanding their legal rights.

Not every accident will be between two individuals with car insurance. Many individuals are underinsured motorists or uninsured. This can create financial difficulties for the people who are involved in the accident. In these cases, people should understand their legal rights and their options for receiving compensation. An attorney can help to make these specifics clear.