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When defendants point fingers, do you have a strategy to win?

When serious mistakes happen involving multiple parties, there can be a lot of finger pointing. Pottsville residents who are injured by the acts of multiple individuals may find that none of those individuals are willing to accept responsibility for the incident.

Recently, this blog discussed how liability is apportioned among multiple parties to a personal injury case. If the plaintiff is at fault for a car accident, some fault could be apportioned to the plaintiff, resulting in a decrease in the damages the plaintiff may be able to recover in the lawsuit. Alternatively, liability can be apportioned among multiple defendants in the case. There may also be issues apportioning liability to someone who is not a party to the action.

Accordingly, it is important for plaintiffs in these actions to have a solid grasp of the facts and legal issues that impact the case. From a factual standpoint, all evidence should be gathered to ensure liability is placed with the negligent driver or drivers who caused the accident. Witness statements, video footage, police reports, accident reconstructions and other types of information can all help establish the reality of what caused the crash, despite the claims of defendants who say they were not at fault.

It is also important to have in place a solid strategy at trial. Defendants frequently try to blame the plaintiff for causing the accident, so the plaintiff needs to be able to defend his or her driving and explain to the judge or jury how any mistakes that were made by the plaintiff were not the primary cause of the crash. Likewise, the plaintiff needs to be able to make a convincing argument to the jury when dealing with multiple defendants, each of whom may have different takes on what happened.

Our firm has extensive experience in wading through the complex factual and legal issues presented in personal injury actions. We can investigate the facts of the case, and develop a strong strategy to present at trial to explain to the judge or jury how the defendants caused the crash in question. For more information on our firm’s services, please visit our webpage on car accidents.