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Answering the important questions after a car accident

After a tragic incident occurs in the lives of Pottsville residents, those affected by the incident want answers. Perhaps most importantly, individuals want to know what caused the incident and whether it could have been prevented.

This is certainly true after a car crash that causes serious injury or death. Police, the public and, most importantly, those who have been harmed need to know how the accident took place and what actions were taken by the other driver that led to the crash.

Recently, this blog has discussed some of the more troublesome behaviors that are exhibited by motorists, many of which tend to cause car accidents. For example, both a drunk driver and a distracted driver have their driving abilities and judgment severely impeded and therefore often cause accidents. Accordingly, after a car accident occurs, it is important for those who suffer injuries to know whether the other motorist who caused the accident was engaged in drunk driving or distracted driving.

There are different ways in which this information may be discovered. Police reports, or even criminal investigations, may provide important information about the other motorist’s conduct. Witnesses to the incident may also be able to speak to the other motorist’s conduct immediately before the accident occurred. In other cases, telephone records and similar documents can be uncovered to determine whether a person was on his or her phone before the accident.

Our firm works hard to uncover the evidence in each particular case that answers the important question of how the accident occurred. We can formulate a successful strategy to use this evidence in a personal injury action in order to hold the other motorist responsible for his or her negligence. For more information on our firm’s services, please visit our webpage on car accidents.