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Don’t be another statistic: enforce your rights after a car crash

Many Pottsville residents live very busy lives. It can seem like there are not enough hours in the day to fit in everything. Unfortunately, in the rush to get things done, motorists on the road can make bad decisions that cause a car accident.

Last week, this blog discussed the staggering number of car collisions that are caused by poor driver performance. The numbers depict thousands of accidents caused by distracted driving, such as when a person is more concentrated on his or her smartphone than on the road. Many more accidents continue to be caused by speed-related issues, as drivers ignore speed limits or drive at a speed that is too high for the conditions at the time.

Generally, there are no excuses for a driver’s distracted driving or speeding. Each of these are unsafe forms of driving, and can be considered negligence in a personal injury lawsuit that supports a finding of liability. This means that the driver will be held legally responsible for the crash if it can be proven that the driver violated the duty of care he or she owed while on the road.

Our firm has helped numerous clients hold others responsible for their unsafe driving. We build the case against the other driver, and explain to the judge or jury how the other driver engaged in unsafe driving and violated the rules of the road. At the same time, we show the consequences of someone else’s poor driving, including the serious injury it has caused our clients and how it impacts our clients’ lives. For more information on our firm’s advocacy skills, please visit our car accident webpage.