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Are damages for lost wages available in a negligence case?

Pottsville residents work very hard to earn a living for themselves and their families. When a person’s income is placed at risk because of a job loss or other financial challenge, it can pose serious financial problems.

This is often the case when an individual suffers a serious personal injury that results in an inability to work. For instance, after a car accident, a person may be physically unable to perform the same job duties he or she performed prior to the injury. The injured person might also have to spend time in the hospital or at physical therapy sessions in order to recover from the injuries. In any event, the person’s work can be impacted, with a resulting loss of wages.

In these cases, the injured person may have a cause of action against the negligent person who caused the injuries. For instance, a drunk driver can be held liable in a personal injury lawsuit. This means the negligent party will typically be ordered to pay compensation to the injured party.

Among the many different types of damages available is compensation for lost wages because of the injury. If the injury caused the person to miss work after the accident, these past wages are often recoverable. A judge or jury may also consider the person’s diminished ability to earn money in the future. Many factors may be considered in this analysis, including the person’s age, skill, experience, occupation and past wages. Accordingly, while lost wages can post significant financial challenges, the injured person should understand that all is not hopeless — lost wages are recoverable in a personal injury action.

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