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What action can an injured patient take after a birth injury?

There are some Pennsylvania residents who handle stress better than others. Certain jobs demand these types of individuals, such as those jobs where critical decisions must be made in a very intense and stressful environment.

This is often the case when it comes to the birthing process, as doctors must be able to make important decisions with a baby’s life potentially riding on the line if the correct decision is not made. Unfortunately, these mistakes occur for a number of patients, resulting in serious birth injuries.

For instance, time is a key element in any birth, as the baby cannot be placed under duress for a period of time that will endanger the baby’s health. When developments occur during the birth that could result in a lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain, it is imperative that corrective steps be taken immediately to avoid serious injury or death.

Any number of injuries can result from oxygen deprivation to the baby during birth. Cerebral palsy is one common disorder that occurs due to a variety of causes, including lack of oxygen to the baby. Babies born with cerebral palsy may have impaired control of their movement due to the brain damage that has occurred. Every year, about 10,000 infants are diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

When cerebral palsy or other disorders result because of a doctor’s error, the injured patient may have a cause of action for medical malpractice. The injured patient will need to prove that the doctor’s error caused the injury, and that it resulted in damage to the patient. In doing so, the injured patient can recover compensation for the injury, which can be vital to obtaining the treatment necessary for the condition.

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