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Injured by a doctor’s error? Know your options for relief

It can be disheartening for Pennsylvania residents to have their trust in another person violated. This is particularly true when the other person holds a special status, such as a doctor or medical professional who is responsible for ensuring the care of the patient. The doctor can seriously violate the trust of the patient by making a doctor error that was not anticipated by the patient.

The violation of trust that can happen when a medical mistake occurs is made worse by the fact that the mistake can cause serious injury to the patient. Doctors are given a great deal of trust, whether it be in the operating room or in prescribing medications that can have serious side effects when not handled properly. Accordingly, the doctor’s errors can seriously injure the patient.

Last week, this blog discussed how a recent study found that male doctors were more likely than female doctors to have malpractice suits filed against them. However, the blog pointed out that any doctor can be held accountable for the professional’s negligence. This is because the matters that must be proven in the case relate to the doctor’s duty of care for the patient, and the violation of that duty that caused injury to the patient. The doctor will, in each case, be held to the standard of care that applies to other doctors of the same or similar practice.

Our firm has handled numerous cases of medical malpractice. We work closely with our clients to determine exactly what happened in the course of care that caused their injuries, and how the doctor can be held responsible for those injuries. We also work with medical experts to establish the standard of care in a particular case, and to show how it was violated. For more information on our firm’s services, please visit our webpage on medical malpractice.