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Is a settlement in your best interests?

When Pennsylvania residents are in the process of making a difficult decision, they often go through different scenarios in their head of what would happen if they made one particular choice over another. They weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the situation, and they make a decision based not only on their past experience, but on how the decision will impact them in the future.

These skills are very useful when it comes to negotiating a settlement in litigation. As discussed recently in a previous post, settlement negotiations are often a key stage of a legal dispute. Whether liability is not contested or whether it is hotly in dispute, parties may find that it is better to achieve certainty through settling the case rather than “rolling the dice” at a trial.

In a case involving a car accident, injured individuals may find it beneficial to negotiate with negligent drivers. The negligent driver may fear what amount a jury would award in compensation to the injured party, particularly if there are troubling facts involved that paint the injured party in a more positive light. Accordingly, this may be used as leverage to obtain a favorable settlement for the injured party.

Our firm has represented many clients who have found settlement in their best interests, rather than proceeding to trial. We work closely with our clients to determine what their goals are in the litigation, and whether settlement can achieve those goals. Ultimately, each case is different, and settlement is not always preferable to proceeding with trial. However, it can often resolve the case in a favorable manner, allowing our clients to move past the legal dispute and get on with their lives. For more information on our firm’s services related to both settlement and trial advocacy, please visit our webpage on car accidents.