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What does an insurance policy cover in a car accident?

There are some issues Pennsylvania residents would rather avoid. For example, it can be easy to become lost in the maze of insurance companies that exist, each making different promises about the rates and coverage they provide.

Other individuals may feel comfortable in dealing with insurance companies and may take great time and effort in selecting their policy. Yet, even in these scenarios, individuals can be shocked to learn that the coverage they thought they had does not cover certain incidents.

In either event, individuals should understand how important insurance coverage, or the lack thereof, is to a car accident. When a person is underinsured and another individual sues them for injuries suffered in a car accident, it can wreak havoc on the person’s life to learn that their insurance policy will not cover the injuries at issue. Conversely, when a person is injured by another who is underinsured, they need to know what options they have to obtain compensation for their injuries, given the lack of insurance coverage.

Our firm has significant experience in dealing with these complex insurance issues. We can review insurance policies to determine how it may apply to a particular case, and what options the injured party has in seeking relief against the uninsured driver. Whether it is helping our clients get the coverage they need, or helping them go after underinsured motorists to get compensation they need that is not provided by insurance, we have the experience and knowledge of the law necessary to effectively advocate for our clients. For more information on our firm’s experience in insurance matters, please visit our webpage on underinsured motorists.