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Multi-vehicle crash on Rt. 422 with truck results in injuries

Those affected by truck accidents will be forever changed. The body may heal and appear to be how it once was, but the mind will never forget the horrific event. Trucks can weigh up to several tons and the sheer force of it can take down just about anything in its path. When trucks lose control, innocent people can be hurt and affected.

Such was the case on Pennsylvania’s Route 422 in recent weeks. A coal truck driver, traveling eastbound, suddenly lost control, resulting in his truck rolling onto its side and into the westbound lane. That is where it collided with the side of another vehicle. This caused the vehicle traveling behind that vehicle to rear-end it. One driver has sustained serious injuries and the other minor to moderate injuries.

Pennsylvania State Police are currently investigating what caused the crash. However, it seems unlikely that fault would be placed with either driver who was at the wrong place at the wrong time when the coal truck slid into oncoming traffic. After a thorough investigation is completed, the cause of the crash will be released. There could be legal recourse for those who were negatively affected by that day’s events.

Sometimes people wish they can look into a crystal ball and change the events of their past. If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, you may wish this very thing. However we only have the present and there are a few courses of action that you or a loved one may wish to take after a truck accident. The outcome of the investigation will tell the involved parties what they need to do. It is best to prepare for anything as this news could be life-changing.

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