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Consider your legal options after a commercial truck accident

In our last post, we discussed how in the news recently, a commercial truck was involved in a multi-vehicle car accident. For the civilians injured and affected by this accident, and many others in a similar situation, they should consider their legal options at this time. When a person is involved in a commercial vehicle truck accident, the same rules do not apply to the driver of the truck as do civilian drivers. There are stricter federal regulations in place for those behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle.

Our attorneys and team of legal professionals have been serving the Pennsylvania area for over 30 years in areas of personal injury or wrongful death at the hands of a commercial truck operator. We at Fanelli, Evans and Patel have been recognized by the national Million Dollar Advocates. This is a group of nationally accredited lawyers who have won personal injury cases in excess of $1 million. Unlike some of our competitors, we never represent the insurance companies is cases like this.

Federal regulations are in place to ensure that truck drivers and trucking companies adhere to safety procedures that should help keep civilians safe. When those regulations fail to prevent a commercial vehicle truck accident, extensive research must be done in order to discover if there was wrongdoing on behalf of either the trucking company or truck driver at the time of the accident. If either party is found in violation of strict safety trucking regulations, there is likely a strong case for receiving remedy for wrongdoing. The lawyers at Fanelli, Evans & Patel work hard to get the best possible outcome for clients injured in such accidents.

We are sad and dismayed to hear of any injury or misfortune that may have come your way due to the actions of others. We will fully investigate a claim and work with clients every step of the way during this difficult time. We will apply our legal knowledge to determine if there was in fact fault of the trucking company and how much to seek in remedies for this accident. Again, we never represent insurance companies in situations such as these; we are dedicated to your case and situation.