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Elderly man is injured in weather-related accident in PA

Car accidents can occur for a plethora of reasons. Whether it be because of inclement weather or for other reasons, car crashes are not pleasant to be in no matter what. Car collisions can lead to serious injuries if the accident is severe. However, not all accidents result in physical injury to those involved. Less severe accidents may cause only property damage. Insurance companies usually handle these types of accidents, and often, court involvement is not necessary. When accidents result in serious injuries, there are other steps that may have to be taken to receive compensation for the accident.

An accident occurred recently in Middletown, Pennsylvania, involving three cars. According to police reports, one car was hit head-on by another car. The accident was caused by slick roads and low visibility. The elderly gentleman in the car that was hit was trapped inside the car and was injured. The police on the scene contacted emergency officials to extricate the elderly man from the car. The man was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. There were no other injuries reported.

Even when weather plays a part in a car accident, the liability of the party that caused the accident is not reduced. Driving in unfavorable weather conditions is a part of driving and extra care must be taken when on the roadways. The court does not necessarily take weather into account when making legal rulings in car accident cases. No matter the atmospheric conditions, car accidents are still negligence cases and will be treated as such.

Source: Daily Times News, “Driver injured in three-vehicle crash on Route 352,” Rick Kauffman, December 11, 2014