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Truck with an attached trailer causes a deadly accident


The aftermath of any accident can be devastating for those involved. The aftermath of a truck accident can be even more intense. Truck accidents tend to cause more damage than car accidents in a lot of cases. When dealing with a flatbed trucks or semi-trucks, car drivers need to stay aware of their surroundings while on the roads. Even when drivers are extremely attentive to the different types of trucks that they share the road with, accidents still happen because sometimes accidents are just unavoidable and can lead to serious injuries.

In Pennsylvania, specifically Shalter Township, there was an accident involving a truck and trailer and a car. The trailer was being towed behind the truck when a truck tire flew off the trailer and hit a car that was traveling on the roadway in the opposite direction. The tire hit the windshield of the car killing the driver. The passenger in the car, who was in the backseat, was not injured. The driver of the truck carrying the flatbed was arrested as a result of the accident. Upon investigation, the police discovered that the driver did not have a license and that neither the trailer nor truck had insurance.

In accidents where serious injury or death occurs, the surviving family members have the right to sue if the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident allow for such a suit. Depending on the accident, the authorities may press criminal charges. If this happens, this does not preclude the family from pursuing a civil case in the matter. Wrongful death cases are civil cases where the claimant can hold the person at fault liable for death. These types of cases are available in common law jurisdictions.

Navigating the legal side of things post-accident can be confusing which is why understanding the process is important.

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