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Mandatory increase for trucker insurance may be on the horizon

Truck accidents are different than regular car accidents in that truckers have a different, more stringent set of road rules that they need to abide by. Truck drivers have a specialized license that holds them responsible for their behavior on the roadways. This license, which is called a commercial driver’s license, CDL, and the responsibilities that ensue are federally mandated and governed. Now, the rest of us with just a regular divers license also have to follow the rules and regulations of the road, but truckers are held to a higher level by virtue of the vehicle that they are driving and the license that they hold.

When a truck accident occurs, it is usually a pretty serious accident or it has the potential to be based on the size of the vehicle. Trucks tend to cause a lot of damage when in a traffic wreck. The same protocols that are followed in car accidents are used when deciphering through a truck accident except that federal trucking regulations may come into play depending on the nature and circumstances of the accident.

There is a proposed law on the books that would increase the amount of insurance that a trucker needs to have. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the amount of insurance needs to be increased. Among other arguments in favor of the bill, the liability insurance that truck drivers should carry needs to be in line with inflation and the like. This insurance is what pays for accident victims and their medical needs as well as other needs when in an accident with a truck. If the trucker is at fault, then the insurance will cover the matter. If the insurance is not monetarily sound, then it may leave the driver as well as others liable.

Insurance is a necessary evil and winds up being very helpful if an accident happens.