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Drunk drivers should get harsher penalties

One of the most horrific types of accidents on the roadways of Pennsylvania are accidents involving drunk drivers. Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents are quite prevalent. Accidents involving someone driving under the influence often leave the victim in pretty bad shape. Many accidents of this nature result in death for the victim. Because some people decide to drive while impaired, they are putting everyone else on the roadways at risk.

Every state handles drunk driving in their own way in the sense that there are laws governing accidents involving drunk drivers. Each state has a blood alcohol level that sets the baseline for the legal limit to operate a vehicle. For instance, in Pennsylvania, the legal blood alcohol level for operating a vehicle is 0.08 percent, as is the case in most states. Even with the BAL set at 0.08, many citizens in Pennsylvania are still requesting that there be stricter laws regarding drunk drivers.

If some activists in Pennsylvania have their way, the blood alcohol level threshold will be dramatically reduced and the penalties for DUI dramatically increased. Keystone State lawmakers heard testimony from witnesses recently. These witnesses argued in favor of much tougher DUI laws. These kinds of witnesses can be very persuasive in getting lawmakers to change DUI laws. Such changes, if enacted, may make it a bit easier for the victims of drunk driving accidents to hold the drunk drivers accountable.

Drunk driving accidents can be criminally prosecuted if the state brings a case against a drunk driver. Drunk driving offenses are taken very seriously by the courts and depending on the state where the accident occurred, harsher penalties may be the norm.

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