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Two killed in multi-vehicle accident

Venturing out onto the roadways can be an enjoyable experience, and while there is danger inherent in driving a vehicle, motorists rely on the shared observation of traffic laws to maintain a safe environment. Unfortunately, those laws are sometimes disobeyed, resulting in minor scratches at best and tragedies at worst. One such truck accident recently occurred involving a Pennsylvania trucker.

A flatbed tractor-trailer was the impetus for a multi-vehicle accident that claimed the lives to two people. The tractor-trailer rear-ended an SUV, sparking a crash that involved five vehicles. A woman died at the scene of the accident while a male passenger was transferred to a hospital where he later died. The driver of the tractor-trailer faces charges of reckless driving as a result of the accident.

In cases of an accident that has injured or killed an individual, determining if there was a negligent party involved can be crucial element of the investigation. If such a party is identified, victims may be able to recover compensation for damages inflicted including medical bills, funeral expenses and more.

Accidents such as the abovementioned incident are heartbreaking reminders of the inherent dangers the open road can hold. The enjoyment of a vehicle can shattered in a second when an accident occurs. While nothing will ever be able to replace the loss of a loved one, seeking the assistance of an experience attorney in such instances can set forth a level-headed plan of action that may be able to recover compensation for damages due to the crash.

Source:, “Police charge Pennsylvania trucker involved in 5-vehicle crash that killed 2 in Virginia,” August 7, 2014