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Police car and another vehicle have an accident in Pennsylvania

When a car accident results in no immediate injuries to any of the participants in the accident and only physical damage to the vehicles involved, then often it becomes a battle with the insurance companies. This battle can rage on and on but at the end of it all, the battle will be decided monetarily. Car crashes become a whole different matter when serious injuries or death results because a number of other issues come into play. Court involvement is quite likely in car accidents of this nature.

There was an accident in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in which a police car, reportedly responding to an emergency call, collided with another vehicle. The cruiser and the car were traveling in the same direction when the accident occurred. Both the police officer and the other driver were taken to the hospital, but neither was reported to have suffered any type of injury that would be considered life-threatening. There is no indication that either party was given a citation for the accident.

The courts deal with liability issues when ruling on car crash cases. Whether the case involves a negligent driver or unlawful operation of a vehicle, the courts will look at all the facts and circumstances surrounding the case and make a determination as to whether or not the burden of proof applicable to the case has been met. There may be a different level of scrutiny in car crashes where emergency vehicles are involved; however, the court’s role will probably remain the same.

Knowing one’s rights and responsibilities in these types of cases is imperative, especially when injuries happen.

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