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June 2014 Archives

Pennsylvania legislature is trying to fix drunk driving law

The tragedy behind drunk driving accidents is that but for someone choosing to get behind the wheel of a car while drunk, the accident probably would not have occurred. This is what makes these types of accidents so sad and disturbing, and so difficult for the families of the victims to deal with. Even though there is usually some level of human error in all accidents, there seems to be something even more callous regarding human behavior when it comes to drunk driving accidents. People who are hit by drunk drivers are at the mercy of that impaired driver in many respects.

Trucker was driving over speed limit in Tracy Morgan crash

Residents of Pennsylvania know that the open road can be a thrilling and freeing experience. However, there is serious danger involved in venturing out on the pavement and traveling across the country. While thousands safely navigate the complex web of roads each and every day, there are unfortunately those who experience a different side of travel. This other side can end in a car accident which can cause serious injury and, in tragic cases such as a recent crash involving comedian Tracy Morgan, loss of life.

Police car and another vehicle have an accident in Pennsylvania

When a car accident results in no immediate injuries to any of the participants in the accident and only physical damage to the vehicles involved, then often it becomes a battle with the insurance companies. This battle can rage on and on but at the end of it all, the battle will be decided monetarily. Car crashes become a whole different matter when serious injuries or death results because a number of other issues come into play. Court involvement is quite likely in car accidents of this nature.

Transportation network companies may lack suitable insurance

One of the criteria for operating any type of vehicle on the roadway is to have viable motorist insurance. Unfortunately, even though this is a requirement, there are a number of motorists that are uninsured or underinsured and still insist on driving. When these types of drivers decide to take to the roadways, they put other drivers at risk if they are involved in an accident because the insured driver, if they are not at fault, will be on the hook for payment of their own damages until they can secure payment from the other party. This is an unfair situation for any insured driver.

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