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Multi-vehicle accident on PA Turnpike injures five, kills one

It goes without saying that driving on the highway takes a certain amount of care. Not only is driving too fast a danger to all on the road, but driving too slowly can also be a factor in a car accident. A careful investigation is usually needed in such circumstances to sort out who is responsible for the crash.

A deadly accident recently occurred on the Pennsylvania Turnpike that killed one and injured five others. The accident began when a Mercury Sable was either stopped or going very slowly in the right hand lane of traffic, when a Volkswagen Jetta struck it from behind. The Volkswagen was sent flying into the other lane of traffic and collided with a concrete barrier.

At this point. a Chevrolet Equinox struck the Mercury Sable from behind. The force of the impact caused a passenger in the Mercury Sable to be thrown from the vehicle into the opposite lane of traffic. The woman who was ejected from the vehicle ultimately died of the injuries she suffered in the collision.

The driver of the Volkswagen Jetta was moderately injured in the crash. The driver of the Mercury Sable and a second passenger suffered injuries that have been described as serious, and the driver and passenger of the Chevrolet Equinox were mildly injured in the crash.

As this story shows, multi-vehicle accidents can ratchet up the potential for multiple drivers and passengers to be injured or even killed. Determining which parties are liable can be complicated and often takes the work of a professional to sort it out. Parties that are found to be at fault in an accident may face a lawsuit brought by the injured party.

When a person is involved in an accident, they may suffer severe injuries such as head and neck trauma, internal injuries, fractures and other injuries. All of these injuries can result in significant past and future medical expenses. Filing a lawsuit is just one way victims can seek compensation from those responsible for the accident.

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