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An elderly woman dies after being stuck by a police cruiser

When car accidents occur, depending on the nature and severity of the accident, the police routinely investigate the cause of the accident. In cases where the authorities do not find anyone at fault in the accident, no citations are issued, and the police report will reflect that. However, in an accident where one of the parties involved in the crash is at fault, not only is a citation is issued, but also criminal charges may ensue where appropriate. Investigation of the accident will dictate whether or not legal action is warranted.

It is commonplace for police to investigate a car crash and this is true even in situations where the police themselves are involved in the accident. In Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania, there was a car crash involving a police cruiser and another vehicle whereby one of the passengers in the car died as a result of her injuries from the accident. Apparently, the officer driving the police cruiser lost control of his vehicle while coming around a sharp turn and made contact with the other car. T Both the driver and the passenger in the car were airlifted to an area hospital. The accident is still under investigation.

In cases where the ramifications of a car accident is serious injury and/or death, the family of the victim can legally pursue a case where allowable. Where the victim dies in a car crash, the family can seek a wrongful death judgment. This is a civil judgment intended to punish the wrongdoer for their actions while at the same time attempting to make the victim’s family whole. Because no price can be put on human life, this is a hard task for the courts.

Legal remedies are available in car accident cases. However, not all individuals involved in car crashes are entitled to any type of remedy under the law.

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