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Female jogger struck and killed in Pennsylvania

Usually when speaking about a car crash, there are two or more cars involved in the accident. Depending on the nature and circumstances surrounding the accident, the number of people injured can vary based on the number of people in the vehicles at the time of the accident. A car accident can also involve only one vehicle and a pedestrian. Unfortunately, this type of accident is also highly common. Most times in crashes where there is a car versus a pedestrian, the pedestrian loses.

A pedestrian was struck and killed in an accident in Lehigh County on March 12. The driver of the car apparently crossed into the northbound lane and struck a woman that was jogging on the shoulder of the road. The accident occurred a little after 11 am and the woman was pronounced dead about an hour later. The police investigation of this accident is still ongoing.

Car accidents involving pedestrians may sometimes lead to wrongful death claims. A wrongful death claim is a civil court claim that is brought by the victim’s family. Because wrongful death cases are not criminal cases, incarceration is not on the table. These cases are intended to place civil liability on whomever was at fault for the accident while at the same time making a claim for damages. Damages can be compensatory or punitive in nature and include medical expenses and pain and suffering.

When a death occurs as a result of a car accident, in some cases, a wrongful death claim is a viable option for the remaining family members.

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