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Drunk driver kills a man in Pittsburgh


One of the most horrific types of accidents to be involved in is one that is caused by a drunk driver. These accidents are oftentimes so devastating to those involved because they can be life-changing in that they often cause insurmountable damage. Serious injury and sometimes death is the result of drunk driving accidents. The victims and the families of victims who are unfortunate enough to be impacted by a drunk driver are many times left wondering why the accident occurred and why someone would drive drunk in the first place.

The sad thing about drunk drivers is that they don’t appreciate the nature of their actions or the destruction that they can and do cause when in an accident. A man was hit by a drunk driver in Pittsburgh recently. The victim later died at the hospital from injuries sustained in the accident. The drunk driver did not even stop after the accident. A police investigation led to the alleged perpetrator, who was arrested as a result of the accident. The man was charged with a number of counts, including but not limited to vehicular homicide.

When a fatality occurs in a drunk driving accident, the family of the victim has a decision to make. The courts will handle the criminal battle for them if the driver that caused the accident is charged criminally. However, there is another side to the legal coin when it comes to civil liability. Affected families may choose to pursue a wrongful death claim, aimed at recovering compensation for the behavior that caused the untimely death of the victim.

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