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Car crash involving a police car causes extensive damage

In most car accident cases in which a claim is filed for damages of any sort, the courts tend to rely on the police investigation of the accident and who was assigned fault in the accident. In almost all car accidents, there is at least one participant who was the primary cause of the accident. Once the investigation is completed, the party who is not at fault can file a claim in court and sue for damages, which may include, but are not limited to, medical expenses resulting from personal injury. Lawsuits involving car accidents are generally to seek compensation for injury and/or property damage that the victim or victims have sustained.

In Broomall, Pennsylvania, there recently was a rather large car accident involving a box truck, a police cruiser and two other passenger vehicles. The accident was so extensive that the box truck, after colliding with another vehicle involved in the accident, landed on its side on top of one of the vehicles. A number of the accident participants were taken to area hospitals for the treatment of their injuries. No one died in the accident. An investigation of the accident pointed to the icy roads as a contributing factor in the accident.

In cases where the weather plays a part in the accident, the investigation of said accident can still produce a party who may be at fault. It may be difficult to determine liability in weather-related accidents, but it is not impossible. The party who caused the accident is responsible for any damage to persons or property that arose from the accident. Court awards in car accident cases can range from minimal to quite substantial, depending on the circumstances.

Acquiring a copy of the police report of a car accident can go a long way in assisting one in a court proceeding on the matter, especially if the police find one or more individuals to be fault for the accident.

Source: ABC 6 Action News, “Pa. state trooper, 1 other person injured in multi-vehicle crash on Blue Route,” Feb, 20, 2014