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Truck jackknifes and overturns causing Pennsylvania accident

Most people understand that winter driving conditions require special precautions. Pennsylvania drivers need to keep their eyes and their minds on the road in order to avoid serious accidents in the wind, snow and ice. By slowing down to account for the slippery conditions, Pennsylvania drivers can avoid injuries and disasters. However, some drivers fail to keep these precautions in mind. When these drivers are behind the wheel of a large truck, the results can be tragic.

Recently, a truck accident occurred in Pennsylvania involving several cars. According to reports, a tractor-trailer was traveling on Interstate 95 when the driver lost control and jackknifed around 3:30 a.m. The tractor-trailer completely overturned. A number of other vehicles were also involved in the accident. It took hours for emergency workers to clear the damage and reopen the roadway.

Truck accident victims may need to act fast following a tractor-trailer accident. An investigation may need to be completed to determine if the truck driver was negligent in causing the accident. There are federal truck regulations that require truck drivers to adhere to certain behaviors, including keeping a truck log. Inside this log, investigators may be able to determine if the truck driver had taken enough breaks and gotten enough sleep prior to the accident. This can be one step in trying to determine why the accident occurred.

While large trucks are a necessary part of Pennsylvania’s economy, they can be extremely dangerous if an accident occurs. Their large size, and sometimes hazardous cargo, present dangers that other vehicles on the road just cannot match. Therefore, the injuries caused in these accidents tend to be severe. Truck accident victims may be able take the information they learn in the investigation and use it to file a personal injury suit. This suit may hold the truck driver, and truck company liable for damage caused by a negligent driver.

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