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One killed when drunk driver hits man on bike

The aftermath of a car crash that results in serious injuries can be devastating and difficult for those involved to deal with. Not only does an accident impact the person directly involved in the accident, but that individual’s family may be duly affected. As such, everyone harmed physically, emotionally or financially by a car accident should know their legal rights

To illustrate the point, one need only look to a recent incident where a Pennsylvania man who hit and killed a bicyclist. That driver is now facing homicide charges. While driving under the influence, the driver stuck a man on his bike, causing him to fall. The bike rider was taken to the hospital but later succumbed to his injuries. The driver was found to be driving while under the influence as his blood alcohol level was well above Pennsylvania’s legal limit. While the criminal charges levied against this negligent individual may help bring a sense of justice to the deceased’s family, they do nothing to help them with their losses.

When a death occurs in a drunk driving accident, the family of the victim is left with a lot to handle. While the first thought for the victim’s family is probably about something other than the legal ramifications of the accident, it is important to consider how financial and emotional costs can be recouped. A wrongful death claim, which is a civil court claim, can be made in accidents where a negligent driver caused the death of a family’s loved one. An attorney can assist the family in seeking to recover compensatory damages, punitive damages and/or pain and suffering, which may help the family find a sense of closure while being able to pay their bills.

Losing a loved one in an accident can be excruciatingly difficult. A Pennsylvania attorney may make the lawsuit process easier, allowing the family to grieve knowing their case will be properly and aggressively handled.

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