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One dead in horrific wrong-way drunk driving accident


There is a possibility that you will be involved in an auto accident each time you get behind the wheel of a car. That may be a possibility no Pennsylvania resident wants to think about, but it is a fact nonetheless. This is not to say every automobile accident is a life or death situation; however, unfortunately the deadlier accidents do happen and are devastating to those involved. Since driving is an all-consuming task, great attention to detail is required when on the roadways. Drunk drivers do not have the ability to meet this requirement, which is why drunk driving accidents are so often catastrophic and deadly.

A woman from Pennsylvania was charged with vehicular homicide while operating a vehicle after she caused the death of a passenger in another car in a drunk driving accident. The woman was suspected to be drunk while driving and was traveling the wrong way on Interstate 80 when she hit another car head-on. A passenger in the backseat of that car was killed. The other people in the car were treated for injuries.

The victims in drunk driving cases have rights in that they can bring court claims where appropriate. For payment of medical expenses and things of that nature, the victim can request that the court order the offender in the accident to pay. However, in accidents where there is a death as a result of a drunk driving accident, the family of the victim can file a wrongful death claim in addition to whatever criminal charges are brought by the state. A wrongful death claim is a civil claim, which aims to make the victim or victim’s family whole again after a damaging incident.

Drunk driving victims and the families of those hit by a drunk driver need to know their rights in drunk driving accidents so that they can exercise them accordingly.

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