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Deadly car accident in Pennsylvania affects many

There are a number of reasons that a car accident can occur. Many times involvement in a car crash is out of our control. Unfortunately, car accidents happen, and a lot of times there is nothing that we can do to avoid them. Accidents where serious bodily injury or death occurs tend to leave those a party to the accident devastated. Car crashes take their toll on its victims physically, emotionally and psychologically. Whether someone is at fault for the accident or not, the aftermath is still quite difficult to handle.

There was a devastating car crash in Western Pennsylvania that involved high school students. A male high school student was operating the car that caused the accident. He and a friend were traveling from a football game when the driver lost control of the car, veered into the opposite lane, and was struck by an oncoming pickup truck. The passenger in the car was killed along with the driver. Both were high school football players. The driver in the pickup truck was killed and the two passengers in that vehicle were taken to the hospital for their injuries. The police investigation felt that speed was a contributing factor to the accident.

Depending on the nature and circumstances of the accident, the courts may become involved if the party to the crash chooses to file a claim in court. In car accidents where death occurs, the victims in the accident can file claim in court seeking damages. Damages are usually sought to pay for outstanding medical bills and any other bills associated with the crash. Pain and suffering is another type of damage that can be applied. This type of damage is punitive in nature.

Being in a car accident can be scary and confusing. With that said, it is imperative to protect one’s rights.

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