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Pennsylvania car accident leaves one dead and injures others

Being involved in a Pennsylvania car crash is a scary, unsettling experience. The thing with car accidents is that there is no warning and no time to prepare or brace yourself when an accident occurs. The accident itself tends to happen very fast, and those involved in the accident often suffer injuries that can range from mild, non-life threatening injuries to serious bodily injury and even death. Dealing with the accident and the aftermath can be both difficult and confusing.

One of the scariest things about being a part of an automobile accident is the injuries that may ensue. In Potter County, Pennsylvania, there was a deadly car accident involving three vehicles. The accident resulted in the death of one child, and injuries to various other passengers.

The driver of the car that caused the crash lost control of her vehicle as she was rounding a curve in the road. This caused her vehicle to slam into two other cars that were in the westbound lane of the roadway. Most of the passengers had on their seatbelts, and the two children in the accident were in car seats.

Police investigation of a vehicular accident will usually determine who was at fault in the accident. Eyewitnesses to the accident help the police as well in clarifying the events that led to the accident and the accident itself. Once the police investigation is completed, the police can and most likely will issue citations to the party at fault. In cases where death occurs in an accident, the authorities may make an arrest, which then initiates court procedures.

Victims of car accidents and families of the victims have rights that they need to protect. Knowing the facts of the court processes involved can only aid people in navigating what happens in the aftermath of a car accident.

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