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Suspected drunk driver causes accident, four injured

Despite constant campaigns about the dangers of drunk driving here in Pottsville, the sad reality is that people still take to the roads daily when, by law, they should not. Doing so unfairly puts others in dangers, and all too often, results in an accident with unfortunate consequences.

One recent accident here in Pennsylvania illustrates the potential damage that can be caused by allegedly drunk driver. As the driver of vehicle was heading north on a road near a high school, the vehicle apparently strayed into the southbound lanes. Although an oncoming car attempting to avoid a collision, the two hit, sending the northbound vehicle into a Subaru. In total, the three-car accident left four people injured, including three said to have “major” injuries. Sadly, among those most affected were the driver and passenger of the Subaru. The driver is facing criminal charges as a result of the accident.

While the investigation is not yet complete – the police await the results of a blood test – those injured now face what could be a long road to recovery. Severe injuries, including those to the head, neck and back, can require long hospital stays, extensive rehabilitation and time away from work. All of this can leave the injured parties and their families in a difficult financial position.

Thankfully, victims of other people’s negligence – including those hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver – have the option of pursuing compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Depending on the circumstances of a particular case, it may be possible to seek compensation not only from the driver, but also from an establishment if it can be shown that the suspected drunk driver was over-served alcohol and allowed to get behind the wheel.

To ensure the most effective case, people who have suffered greatly due to the actions of a drunk driver may want to work with experienced counsel, who can evaluate the evidence and plan a course of action. While money cannot reduce the pain already suffered, it can help victims focus on physical and emotional recovery during trying times.

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