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One dead, others seriously injured in Pennsylvania car accident

Being involved in a car accident may be one of the most devastating things that can happen in life. Depending in the severity of the car accident, serious bodily injury or death may occur. Because car accidents are often times so much out of one’s control, knowing how to deal with the aftermath of an accident can be a scary and confusing time. Moreover, navigating the legal waters after an accident is complex. But, keep in mind, that victims and victim’s families all have rights that need to be protected when a car crash occurs.

In Bensalem, Pennsylvania, the police finally identified the body of a woman who was a victim in a car crash on I-95. The car crash involved two vehicles. The car the woman was traveling in hit another vehicle that was also driving on I-95. After making contact with the other vehicle, the woman’s car hit the guardrail, bounced off the guardrail and then proceeded to flip a number of times before coming to a stop. The woman, who was a passenger in the car, was ejected from the car. She was not wearing her seatbelt at the time. The other individuals in the car suffered major injuries and were transported to nearby hospitals. The driver of the other car was uninjured.

Upon the completion of a police investigation, there is almost always fault placed on one party or the other. This determination made by the police is what the victim or the victim’s family uses to commence their legal battle if they so choose.

Usually, in car accident cases the courts look at the totality of the circumstance of the accident as well as any damages that occurred as a result of the accident. The courts can award compensation for damages as well as for pain and suffering experienced by the victims. Compensatory are those awarded damages the court uses to make the parties whole. The legal ins and outs of car accident cases require attention to detail and an understanding of the process.

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