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Pennsylvania truck accident proves fatal

It seems that the most serious vehicle crashes happen on roadways where there is a lot of traffic, like busy highways and freeways. The ebb and flow of the traffic on these types of roads, coupled with the speeds that people drive, contribute to tragic automobile and truck accidents. With truck accidents, there seems to be a greater likelihood that the accident will lead to serious bodily injury or death based on the size of the vehicles involved. Big rigs, 18-wheelers, and tractor trailers all have the potential to be quite destructive if involved in a crash on the roadways.

In Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, one person lost their life as the result of a recent truck accident on Interstate 81. The accident involved four vehicles, one of which was a tow truck while two were tractor trailers. The tow truck crossed the median and hit a tractor trailer that had two trailers attached to it; that vehicle was flipped on its side. A minivan that was traveling in the opposite direction was able to avoid the tractor-trailer, but the van was still damaged by airborne debris. Finally, the tow truck then plowed into another tractor-trailer that was on the road. The driver of the tow truck died from injuries sustained in the crash.

Multi-vehicle accidents tend to leave those involved with serious injuries. Death may also occur. Trucks involved in multi-vehicle accidents tend to cause even more damage. As a result, truck drivers are held to a higher standard on the roadways. A commercial driver’s license is required to operate vehicles of a certain weight and size, for example. Still, it is often the practice for truck operators that are involved in crashes to be taken for drug testing which goes hand in hand with having a CDL.

Just like car accidents, the courts can find liability in trucking accidents as well. The courts will look at the facts of the accident and the police reports in order to assess liability. Those involved in truck accidents are entitled to be made whole if they in fact suffered injuries from the accident.

Source: Public Opinion, “1 killed in 4-vehicle crash on I-81,” June 7, 2013