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Car accident with school bus proves fatal

Car crashes are par for the course when driving on the roadways because driving is inherently a dangerous activity and human error is inevitable. There is a good reason why individuals cannot obtain a driver’s license until they are of a certain age and that it requires a number of practice hours behind the wheel because driving is serious business. Driving requires attention to all different types of details while on the roadways. Not only does a driver have to pay attention to what they are doing behind the wheel, but they also have to pay attention to what everyone else is doing on the road and alongside the road. In that sense, we are all somewhat at the mercy of other drivers on the road.

There was recently a fatal auto accident in Linwood, Pennsylvania. The accident involved a school bus, which is always scary, and another car. Apparently, the car crashed into the back of the school bus. The force of the crash resulted in the car getting stuck under the school bus. The driver of the car was pronounced dead but no one on the school bus was injured. A police investigation did not provide any information with respect to exactly how the accident occurred. No citations were issued as of yet.

Often times liability in a car accident is assessed based on the circumstances surrounding the accident. Especially where injuries or death occurs as a result of the accident, the courts will attempt to make the injured party whole. In doing this, the courts review the police investigation, coupled with any witness statements and other relevant information and eventually make a determination on whether there was any fault in the accident.

A jury trial or a bench trial may also be an option in certain accident cases. Settlements are also a very real possibility in car accident cases because many parties would rather not take the case all the way to trial. It is important that victims of car accidents know their rights and the options they have in pursuing a case against an at-fault party. This knowledge will go a long way in making the process a little more bearable.

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