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The courts try to compensate victims in drunk driving cases

Any type of accident that occurs on the roadways has the potential to be extremely dangerous for everyone involved. The dangers involved in a car crash are enhanced when a drunk driver is involved. Drunk driving accidents almost always result in serious bodily injury or death due to the nature of the accident and the circumstances that often surround these types of accidents. The reckless disregard that a drunk driver has for other drivers on the road heightens the gravity of the accident.

In Erie, there was an accident involving three vehicles. The driver of the car that caused the accident was driving under the influence and issued a DUI by the police. It was purported that a drunk driver ran through a stop sign and hit a car that was carrying four people. This collision led to a parked car being hit. After emergency crews responded to the crash, a victim in the four-passenger vehicle was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

When dealing with drunk driving accidents, the courts look to punish the behavior and try to make the victim or the victim’s family whole. Depending on the nature and severity of the accident, the court will assess damages that are appropriate in the case. If injuries are suffered in the accident, the person injured can seek compensatory damages and the court can determine punitive damages as well. The compensatory damages can help the victim or the family of the victim to pay for medical expenses and any other financial burdens associated with the accident.

Drunk drivers are viewed harshly by society and by the courts. Driving drunk is not tolerated and the courts will do what it can legally to curb this deadly behavior.

Source: Erie TV News, “DUI Accident Sends One to Hospital,” Emily Welsh, April 21, 2013