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Death results from a drunk driving accident in Pennsylvania

One of the most deadly types of accidents is one involving a drunk driver or someone who is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These accidents often result in serious bodily injury or death depending on the severity of the accident. Most car crashes of this nature are more times than not, pretty severe. A person who is driving drunk does not have the physical ability to control themselves or the vehicle that they are operating. Sadly, many people who choose to drive drunk and are in a resulting accident often walk away from the accident unscathed, while leaving their victims in a less fortunate position.

In the Hatboro Township of Pennsylvania, a woman faces a plethora of criminal charges as a result of a drunk driving accident where one person was killed and another was injured. The drunk driver hit two individuals that were walking on the shoulder of the road. One victim was hit with such force that they were thrown into a field by the roadway. This particular victim was pronounced dead some time later. The other victim suffered a broken elbow. The woman that was driving under the influence was uninjured. At the hospital, the woman’s blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit of 0.08 in Pennsylvania.

The courts take accidents that are caused by drunk drivers very seriously. The courts look at liability issues and criminal sanctions as a part of the punishment for people who decide to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle under the influence. Many states have criminal statutes dealing specifically with drunk drivers. Victims of car accidents where the driver is found to be negligent are able to recover damages for their pain and suffering.

It is important that Pennsylvania know and understand their rights in an accident involving a drunk or negligent driver. Experienced legal professionals are available to answer any questions about what damages may be recovered from an accident and what steps to take in order to ensure one’s rights are protected.

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