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Police vehicle involved in a car crash in Pennsylvania

Unfortunately, car accidents are quite commonplace on Pennsylvania’s winding roads. The sheer number of drivers on the roadways also contributes to accidents. Some accidents are major and cause serious injury or death to those involved. Sometimes a car crash is more minor, and leaves those affected with less severe injuries. No matter the type of car crash, though, they are all disconcerting and scary. The causes of wrecks range from people texting while driving to negligent or reckless drivers, all of which are dangerous in their own right.

On April 1 in Erie, Pennsylvania, a police officer responding to an emergency call was involved in a car accident. The police officer was en route to a robbery call along with another officer in another vehicle. A third vehicle pulled to the side of the road to allow the first police car to pass. However, before the second emergency vehicle could get through the traffic, the civilian’s car pulled into the path of the second police car and an accident ensued. The police officer involved in the car collision injured his wrist, and the driver in the other car complained of pain, as did a passenger riding in that car.

No matter the severity of a car accident, liability can and often will attach to the party responsible for the incident. If there are medical bills or other monetary disbursements that result from the accident, the party that is not at fault can seek to be made whole through the courts. In addition to seeking compensatory damages, those injured in an accident can also seek damages for pain and suffering when appropriate.

After an accident investigation, the courts will assign liability based on the circumstances of the crash, and this determined liability is what allows for the payment of damages.

Source: Erie Times-News, “Erie police officer injured in Monday afternoon crash,” April 3, 2013