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Pennsylvania woman kills sister in drunk driving crash

Drunk driving accidents can be devastating. The aftermath is at times unbearable because car crashes of this nature usually leave people with serious bodily injuries, or even result in fatalities. And, many times, the drunk driver walks away from the accident unharmed. These accidents are inherently unjust because the person responsible for the crash made a decision to drive while intoxicated. Moreover, that same person decided to put other’s lives at risk with their actions.

A woman in Parks Township was convicted and sentenced to two and a half years of punishment for causing the death of her sister in a drunk driving accident. The authorities found that the woman was driving under the influence when she flipped her car into the Kiskiminetas River. As a result of her accident, the woman’s sister died from her injuries. The woman was sentenced to attend highway safety school, treatment and was prohibited from using drugs or alcohol. Additionally, the woman cannot enter any place of business that sells alcohol.

The circumstances of an accident will dictate how the courts will proceed. In this case, the woman originally faced a charge of homicide while driving under the influence, which is a felony. Ultimately, the woman pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and driving under the influence. It is important to note, however, that not all drunk driving cases have this type of resolution. Ultimately, the prosecutor decides on what charge results from the accident and the courts will proceed accordingly.

When a criminal conviction follows a drunk driving accident, it can be easier for a victim or a victim’s family to prevail in a civil lawsuit. This is especially true if the drunk driver pleaded guilty.

Source: The Kittanning Paper, “Vandergrift Driver Convicted in Sister’s Death,” March 27, 2013