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Pennsylvania teen kills jogger in car crash

Driving is a dangerous activity and requires utmost attention when performing the task. Not only do drivers have to watch out for other vehicles on the roadways, but drivers also need to pay attention to people riding bikes, as well as pedestrians and joggers. When behind the wheel of a car, drivers must constantly take note of their surroundings and ensure they are driving in such a way that will not harm others. Unfortunately, not everyone who is driving pays attention, and this lack of concern can lead to deadly car crashes.

In Limerick, Pennsylvania, a teen driver recently killed a 40-year-old female jogger in a frightening car crash on March 4. It was found that the male teen was texting and driving, and also under the influence of marijuana, when the accident occurred. The driver struck the jogger from behind after crossing into the opposite lane. The jogger was thrown as a result of being struck and was killed in the auto accident. The police are charging the teen driver with a multitude of offenses that include homicide by vehicle, DUI, recklessly endangering another person, and possession of marijuana.

Car crashes can have deadly consequences. When car accidents of this nature occur, there may be criminal penalties for the liable party. Along with these criminal penalties, the family of the victim can also seek punitive damages in civil court. When suits like this are initiated they are usually to assist the family monetarily with any medical bills associated with the accident, as well as to compensate the family for pain and suffering.

Although these suits do not mitigate the loss of a loved one, it is the court’s way of attempting to ease the burden that has been placed on the family from the accident. When a car crash happens that injures or kills someone, it illustrates just how serious an activity driving really is, and the urgent need for drivers to pay attention consistently while on the road.

Source: 6 ABC Action News, “Teen charged with homicide, DUI in death of Limerick jogger,” March 21, 2013