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Liability in truck accidents is handled differently in court

Trucking accidents occur almost as frequently as car accidents. And like car accidents, not all truck crashes result in serious bodily injury or death. However, when a truck is involved in an accident it may cause more damage due to the shear size of the vehicle involved. So, when two trucks are involved in a collision, the potential for damage to the trucks and to any infrastructure that may be involved in the accident is that much greater. Truck accidents can have a dramatic impact on the individuals involved.

Recently in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a water and resource pick-up truck crashed into a food service distribution tractor-trailer. The accident occurred during heavy rains. There were no reported injuries at the time of the accident, but authorities are still investigating who may have been at fault in the collision. Fortunately, this accident did not cause any traffic delays while it was being cleared.

Oftentimes when investigating truck accidents or car accidents, the authorities assess fault where they find it. Because truck drivers are usually working for a company, that company can ultimately be found liable in many cases. In these types of cases the liability will pass to the company and the company will be responsible for paying any fines that are assessed by the courts, as well as damages and compensation in any civil lawsuit.

Truck accidents are treated a little differently when in comes to determining liability. The principal-agent relationship between a truck driver and his employer plays a prominent role in these types of accidents. Realizing and understanding who is liable in these incidents will go a long way to ensuring individual rights and liberties are protected.

Source: Express Times, “Bethlehem Water and Resources pickup truck collides with tractor-trailer in heavy rain on Easton Avenue,” Kurt Bresswein, March 12, 2013