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Pennsylvania police investigate possible drunk driving accident

Accidents on the roadways are almost inevitable. Many people who have been driving long enough have either witnessed or been involved in some sort of car crash. Car accidents can range from very mild to very serious in nature. Drunk driving accidents are usually more serious and often leave victims with serious bodily injuries. They can even result in death.

Recently, there was a car crash in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, that left an 18-year-old girl dead. The police are awaiting the blood alcohol test of the driver who caused the accident before pressing charges, but the authorities did surmise that he might have been intoxicated. The accident occurred on Route 28. The victim was driving northbound when the alleged drunk driver failed to slow his vehicle when driving behind her, causing her car to go up an embankment and flip. The victim was thrown from the vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The police investigation in drunk driving accidents usually includes determining the blood alcohol level of the suspect. If the driver responsible for the accident is found to be intoxicated, then they can be criminally charged in a court of law. In addition to criminal charges, the victim’s family can seek to have medical expenses and other accident related expenses paid for through a civil lawsuit. The courts and the authorities try to ensure that drunk drivers are held liable for their actions.

Victims of drunk driving accidents and their families have to deal with the aftermath of these types of accidents, which sometimes is not easy to do. Knowing what can be done after these types of accidents can be extremely useful information in dealing with an accident that involves a drunk driver.

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