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Pennsylvania accident caused by drunk driver leaves 2 dead

Everyone who has a driver’s license and drives recognizes the dangers of driving. Driving is a huge responsibility, which is why the ability to obtain a driver’s license is not made easy. Once behind the wheel, the expectation is that drivers will take the task of driving very seriously meaning that it will be done in a safe manner. Unfortunately, there are people on the roadways that do not necessarily adhere to this idea. Specifically, those that engage in drunk driving endanger not only themselves but everyone else on the roadways as well.

In the Montgomery Township of Pennsylvania, a woman, who was well above the alcohol legal limit, was involved in a deadly car crash. The woman was not only driving drunk but she was also speeding, both factors police believe played a role in the crash when she struck the rear-end of a car stopped at a red light. The drunk driver and the woman that she hit were both pronounced dead at the scene of this horrific accident. A passenger in the car that was struck survived and he was taken to the hospital with injuries. The woman that was driving under the influence was previously convicted on a drunk driving charge in 2008 and had to serve time in prison. According to police, the woman had a BAC level of 0.362 percent, which is more than four times the legal limit.

Accidents caused by drunk drivers can sadly have severe results; accidents like the one above can often lead to the death of one or more victims. Unfortunately, the families of these victims are left to deal with the aftermath of the accident. Because these types of accidents can lead to serious bodily injury or death, there is often a lot to handle as a result of the accident. Fortunately, the families can look to the courts to assign liability and make other legal judgments where appropriate.

Driving is dangerous activity and is made even more dangerous when there are people on the roadways that are driving impaired by alcohol. If involved in this type of accident, knowing one’s rights is imperative.

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