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Car crash in Farmington Township injures two

Many Pennsylvania residents are seriously injured in car crashes on a regular basis. The people involved in these accidents often need medical care and attention to overcome their injuries. Unfortunately, sometimes those responsible for the car crash do not step up and take responsibility and it may becomes necessary to file a claim to hold the responsible party liable.

In Farmington Township in Pennsylvania, an accident occurred when a driver was turning out of a school parking lot onto the main road. In making the turn, the driver did not see the other car approaching and struck the car. The point of impact of the crash was the left front on each vehicle. The woman who was hit by the car turning onto the road was seriously injured in the accident. Both of the women were taken to local hospitals after the crash for medical treatment.

When car accidents occur, depending on the nature of the accident and whether or not death or serious bodily injured has resulted, assessing responsibility for the accident is very important in assigning liability as defined by the court. Police investigations and any tickets that the police give at the scene of the accident may assist in making liability determinations.

Some forms of damages that may be recovered as a result of these types of car crashes include payment of medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In dealing with car crashes where the injured party suffers substantial injury or dies, the family members of the victims are left to take care of everything. Not only is this an extremely emotional thing to do, but it can be very confusing as well. Knowing one’s rights in car accidents can go a long way in helping tend to these types of situations.

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