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Truck crashes can cause injury and other hazards

All vehicle accidents that occur in Pennsylvania have the propensity to cause serious bodily injury or death. But, it seems that when a trucking crash happens, the likelihood that someone will be seriously injured is heightened, probably due to the size of the trucks and what the trucks may be hauling.

The causes of trucking accidents can vary from negligent truck maintenance, truck driver fatigue, and/or inattentive truck driving. In this respect, tuck accidents are similar to car accidents in that a number of factors can contribute to the cause of the accident.

However, another added element involved in truck accidents that is not necessarily a concern in car accidents is what the truck is carrying at the time of the accident. A lot of 18-wheelers and semi-trucks on the roadways have hazardous materials as their load. Involvement in a truck accident where hazardous materials are involved requires not only police attention but also other professional teams are called to the scene to ensure that the materials have limited exposure to the public and are cleaned up properly.

In a recent accident on a Pennsylvania highway, both the pick-up truck and the box semi truck involved sustained significant damage. The box truck overturned and appeared to begin leaking fuel. The fuel leak caused the authorities to declare the scene as hazardous and closed the road for a substantial amount of time. This also prompted the fire department to respond to the accident as well to maintain the fuel leak. One of the drivers in the accident was taken to the hospital.

In accidents where serious injury or death occurs, the courts look to make the victim or the family of the victim whole. Different types of civil causes of action are at the disposal of the victim or the family of the victim of a truck accident.

A number of factors can lead to a truck accident depending on the nature of the accident. Truck accidents can have grave outcomes due to both the size of the trucks and the content of their loads.

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