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Punishing Drunk Drivers

Accidents caused by drunk drivers leave families and friends devastated because often times these types of accidents end in death. Drunk drivers put everyone at risk, motorists and pedestrians alike. It is almost impossible to avoid an accident caused by a drunk driver due to the fact that drunk drivers are not easily discernible on the roadways. In general, car accidents happen in an instant, not allowing much reaction time for those involved. However, when one driver in a car accident is impaired, the reaction time is that much slower, possibly causing a more horrific outcome.

In Trainer, Pennsylvania, a drunk driver, driving a utility truck through a mobile home park, ran over and killed a senior citizen. The man who was killed was sitting in a lawn chair in front of his mobile home when he was hit by the drunk driver. The car crash pinned the man underneath his mobile home and he was killed instantly. The witnesses to the accident were astonished by the actions of the drunk driver. The drunk driver then fled the scene.

Drunk drivers are negligent drivers and should be held accountable for their actions. In cases where death is the result of a drunk driving accident, the offending party may be charged with murder. It is at the discretion of the prosecutor as to what type of charges are initiated against drunk drivers. Along with possible criminal charges, the families of the victim may be able to initiate a wrongful death claim in civil court, as well.

Drunk driving accidents leave a path of death and destruction in their wake. Thankfully, drunk drivers are prosecuted to the full extent of the law in most cases.

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