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Elderly Pennsylvania woman dies in recent crash

Although people may not realize it, one of the most dangerous activities that people do on a daily basis is drive a vehicle. Unfortunately, car accidents are a part of driving and they can occur with some regularity. The number of vehicles on the roadways coupled with the speeds at which people drive make car accidents a frequent occurrence. A car crash can result in minor injuries. However, they can cause serious bodily injury or even death, depending on the severity of the accident. Car accidents that result in death have devastating effects on the families and friends of the victims.

An elderly Pennsylvania woman was killed recently after pulling her car out in front of a utility truck. The driver of the Ford truck suffered only minor injuries, but his truck sustained significant damage after the driver tried to avoid hitting the car and the truck rolled down an embankment. A third vehicle was also involved in the accident, but the driver was not injured and did not require medical attention.

Accidents that result in fatalities leave families stunned. They may find it difficult to move forward with their lives.

In car crashes where fault is determined, the courts can hold that party liable for injuries resulting from the crash. Oftentimes in these types of situations families will pursue a civil lawsuit. Although a civil suit will not take the pain away from losing a loved one, it may give the families of the victim peace of mind and assist them financially in paying for any outstanding medical expenses.


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