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Car accidents and their repercussions

Car crashes are fairly common. The sheer numbers of cars on the highways and various other commuter roads makes for a high number of car accidents. Driving is dangerous and unfortunately people experience the danger of driving on a daily basis because of the propensity for car accidents. The speeds with which people drive and the proximity of the cars to one another on the roads can lead to fatal car accidents.

In Lower Nazareth Township in Pennsylvania, a woman and her son died in a car accident when their car rolled over. The son was driving his elderly mother when the accident occurred. The Lehigh County coroner’s office made the determination about the car crash. The son was pronounced dead at the scene and the mother was later pronounced at the hospital where she was transported. The accident is still under investigation, but it appears another car was involved in the accident.

A lot of car accidents do not have deadly results. Most of the car accidents that people are involved in are simple fender-benders or accidents where there are no injuries and no property damage is sustained. However, accidents also happen where serious bodily injury or death can result.

In such situations, courts are involved if the victim of a car crash or the victim’s family decides to file what is known as a wrongful death claim. In this type of punitive civil claim, the victim or the family of the victim is looking for the court to find fault in the accident and award damages.

Although nothing can cure the pain of losing a loved one in a fatal car crash, there are legal remedies to try and make the families whole financially.

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