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What happens after a serious car accident?

Car accidents are common. Most car accidents are not life-threatening and there is very little damage to the car. These types of car accidents are commonly known as fender-benders and require those involved to exchange insurance information so that the party at fault can pay for the damage done. However, car accidents can and do occur that result in serious bodily injury and even death. In serious car accidents, not only do the victims suffer, but the families of the victims also have to deal with the devastating results of a serious car accident.

Recently, a car hit a bus killing the passenger and injuring the driver in the car, as well as injuring 11 people on the bus, including the bus driver, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Apparently, according to the police investigation, the driver of the car veered into the oncoming traffic and collided with the bus. The passenger in the car was pronounced dead at the accident scene and the driver of the car is in stable condition. The people injured on the bus only suffered minor injuries.

In Pennsylvania, as well as in other states, victims of car accidents and victims’ families can seek to be made whole through the courts. Financial compensation awards are possible through civil court if the parties involved decide to pursue a car accident case. The money that is obtained through a car accident case can assist families in paying medical bills associated with the accident. Wrongful death suits are also viable options through the courts, in the event that a car accident causes the death of a loved one.

Car accidents can be serious and lead to severe, debilitating injuries and even fatalities. Knowing the options available to people who are involved in car accidents is an important step in addressing what happens next.

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