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Truck accidents can happen at any time in Pennsylvania

Driving can be more hazardous than many Pennsylvania residents may think, and it requires the utmost attention and care to detail when behind the wheel of a car or a truck. Accidents involving trucks, in particular, have the potential to leave those involved with devastating injuries. Truck drivers have a huge responsibility when maneuvering such a massive vehicle. Just like in car accidents, truck accidents are sometimes unavoidable, especially when dealing with the volume of commuters on the roads on any given day.

Recently, there was a crash between two tractor trailers on Interstate 78 in Lehigh County that caused authorities to shut down a portion of the road. Reportedly, one tractor trailer was carrying steel and one was carrying general merchandise. The early morning collision reportedly caused a fire. Luckily, no hazardous materials were involved in the accident. The report did not contain any information regarding the health of the drivers, nor was it clear which truck initiated the collision.

Truck accidents affect the people involved physically, emotionally and financially. Many truck collisions, like this one, may not result in death; however, injuries may result just the same. In some cases, people walk away from these types of accidents seemingly unscathed only to find out later that there is a physical problem that arose out of the accident.

Also, the time and resources that must be delegated to investigating the reason for the truck accident is substantial because it is important to know the cause of the accident. Truck drivers and truck companies are required to follow certain regulations when it comes to driving on the roads. Therefore, if there is negligence on the part of the truck company or the truck driver, that needs to be determined and liability can then be apportioned appropriately.

Truck accidents are scary and can be costly on a lot of levels for Pennsylvanians. Ensuring that trucking companies and truck drivers are held liable in truck crashes is vital to protecting driver’s rights.

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