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Drunk driver sentenced to state prison

Drunk drivers cause horrific car accidents and often times seriously injure or kill someone. Driving drunk or driving under the influence puts every other individual on the road at risk of being in a terrible car crash. When these types of accidents occur, the victims as well as the victims’ families have to bear the burden of the accident. What’s even more glaringly unfair in drunk driving accidents is that more times than not, the drunk driver walks away from the accident unscathed.

In Pennsylvania a 16-year-old girl was killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver. The collision occurred in the Quincy Township. The victim was a passenger in a car when the driver of another vehicle struck it head-on. The driver, who was under the influence of alcohol, will spend the next three to six years in state prison.

Car accidents of this nature can cost people their lives. The families of the victims of drunk driving accidents are left emotionally shattered. Also, the medical expense involved can put a financial strain on them as well.

Many drunk drivers are held liable for their actions in a court of law. Criminal charges as well as wrongful death claims are viable claims against drunk drivers. Seemingly states are cracking down on drunk drivers and are doling out harsher punishments for those who choose to drive drunk.

Unfortunately drunk driving accidents occur and can happen to anyone. Whether or not death results, it is important to hold those who drive under the influence responsible.

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