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Pennsylvania patrolman killed in DUI accident

In Pennsylvania and throughout the country, car crashes involving alcohol often result in serious injuries or death. Sadly, family and friends of those injured or killed are often left to deal with the horrible ramifications of accidents caused by drunk drivers.

On July 10, a Philadelphia motorcycle cop was killed by an allegedly drunk driver on Interstate 95 in the early morning. After having just finished his shift, the police officer was heading home when a car crossed from the southbound lanes into the northbound lanes, striking the oncoming motorcycle.

The officer, a 23-year veteran of the Pennsylvania Highway Patrol, was killed at the scene. The driver of the other vehicle was charged with a number of offenses, including homicide by vehicle and driving under the influence. The deceased officer leaves behind a wife and three children.

After fatal auto accidents, not only do families have to deal with the immense loss of their loved one; they must also bear the burden of any monetary expenses associated with the accident. When such crashes are caused by a drunk driver, a wrongful death claim is often a consideration for those who are left here on earth to pick up the pieces.

A wrongful death lawsuit involves a claim that is brought in civil court against a person who allegedly caused, through negligence or recklessness, the death of someone else. Such a claim contends that the accused person is liable and should be held so by a court of law.

Although wrongful death claims cannot fully heel the pain felt by a victim’s family, this kind of legal action can help in easing the financial burdens resulting from a fatal crash. For the family of the now deceased officer, such a lawsuit may provide some vital financial support during a very difficult time.

Source: The Inquirer, “Motorcycle cop dies in collision; other driver charged with drunk driving, vehicular homicide,” July 10, 2012